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Opled technology Co.,LTD is a registered high-tech service-oriented enterprise dedicated to develop,manufacture and supply of LED Sign Lighting products. Our products are widely applied to advertising sign, channel letter, light box & decoration, etc. ,our company objective is high stability and consistency ,improve the installation efficiency ,lower installation cost and after cost . we will make ourselves your top supplier in  LED lighting  in the world.

Our products are including:LED modules,LED strip,etc.We also design and produce the customer assigned products in various application.

Because of our professional design, skillful process,excellent quality,we have got high response from our customers.Our products have been sold to many different countries.
Our company has obtained the ISO9001:2000 International Quality & Management Certification,EU RoHS Certification and CE Certification etc.

"Reputation First, Customers Foremost"is the aim of our service.with the spirit of continuous improvement to perfect every detail we met,on the strength of our excellent quality and first class after sal service to reach jointly with our customers the top of undertaking.

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